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Chiropractic health care is the most effective, least invasive health care system available.
Improving Life

Dibley Chiropractic exists in service to our community and by extension to our world.

Our goal is to facilitate healing by adjusting the spine and unlocking the body’s innate ability to heal itself. With 65 years of combined experience, Drs. Mike and Andrew Dibley are ready to serve the needs of the Michiana area where we were born and raised. Our specialties include family and pediatric chiropractic as well as sports chiropractic and wellness care.


We have created the culture of community. Our office is a place where people can come and feel welcome and at home. We exist to be a place of comfort for our patients where they know their concerns will be heard and addressed, where our focus is the root cause of helping to restore their health.


The human body is self-healing and self-regulating. In order for it to work optimally the spine and nervous system must function free of interference. Our roles as chiropractors is to detect and remove interference to this system so that the health of the patient might be fully expressed. Dibley Chiropractic Center exist to alleviate suffering and help people reach their full potential.

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Satisfied Patients
  • I started seeing Dr. Andrew Dibley 22 years ago. He has done so much to help me with my degenerative disc disease. By going to him on a regular basis, my overall health has improved and I feel much better as well. His outstanding skills and insight continue to amaze me.

    Sue S.

  • My husband and I have been patients of Dr. Andrew for over a decade. We drive an hour from Warsaw to see him. We have referred many family and friends to is care. They always ask us why we drive an hour to see a chiropractor, but after they meet with him, they always say, “Now we see why you drive that far!” His skill and knowledge are extraordinary, but his kindness, compassion and genuine care for his patients puts him in a class apart. He has ruined us for any other chiropractor!

    Randy and Darla F.

  • We started bringing our daughter to Dibley’s when she was a year old. She had what seemed to be constant ear infections. The pediatricians’ wanted to treat with heavy doses of antibiotics and insert tubes. We were looking for a more natural essay writing services approach. Dr. Mike suggested bringing her in, for adjustments. She’s now 3, still sees him regularly, has had only one sick visit to her pediatrician, and better yet, NO antibiotics, or tubes. Thanks, Dr. Mike!

    Todd & Jill R

  • I have been a patient of Dr. Mike’s since 1987 and I am 83. Everyone in my father’s family had skeletal problems as well as myself and my 2 brothers. Dr. Mike has kept my spine and hips in alignment so that I remain pretty much pain free and when my vision becomes blurred he adjusts my neck and I walk with clear vision. Now I developed a hiatal hernia (my medical doctor suggested surgery) which I definitely did not want. With Dr. Mike’s help he put my stomach down in place and has kept it down. I thank God for Dr. Mike keeping me going strong!

    Marilyn M.

  • I started seeing Dr. Andrew when I was a baby, almost 23 years now, as I had many health concerns. After Dr. Andrew’s direction and help I started to see my overall health improve. I can’t thank Dr. Andrew enough for the impact he’s had on my life not only as my chiropractor, but as a friend. There is a reason they are THE BEST in Elkhart County.

    Seth D.

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